Anthropology Bachelor of Science
Minors in Sociology and History
SMU Class of 2020



My Bio

I am a rising senior at Southern Methodist University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with complementary minors in History and Sociology. My passion is archaeology, and after finishing my undergraduate degree I want to pursue my Master's and PhD to continue my career as an archaeologist. I am interested in the North American Great Plains culture area and the proto-historic time periods especially.

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I will strive to be compassionate, kind, and empathetic in everything I do. I hope to combat ignorance and negativity by practicing historical particularism and cultural relativism in each new situation. Similarly, I promise to avoid making assumptions and to understand the limitations of my knowledge. I believe in righting past wrongs and ensuring that every action is a step towards justice, forgiveness, and acceptance. I plan to work as selflessly as possible and to learn as well as teach others. Most of all, I am motivated to make this world a more amicable and accepting place for every human being and their own unique culture.

Rachel Thimmig





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